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At PACS we offer integral packaging solutions for your projects. We give you all the support to take the right decision considering material -resistance, protection & durability-. Also, we bring you marketing advice – product image-, considering market trends of the industry.

> Glass Bottles

> PET Bottles

> HDPE Bottles

> BIO Bottles

> Ampoules for liquid

> Plastic Cap (Screw Cap, Easy-open, Flip Top Cap, Child Proof System, others)

> Aluminum Cap (Tear- Off Seals, PE Gasket, Silicone Gasket, others)

> Vials

> Dispensers for liquid or granulated forms (oral syringe or dosing systems such as spray, drippers, eye drops or nasal formulations)

> Measure cups

> Cream jar, tubes and pill bottles for pharma & cosmetic industry

> Blister packs

> Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging


> External packaging (Die-cut boxes in multiple formats and capacities)